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Manufacturing Industry: How to optimize your productivity, with Sage X3.

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Manufacturing Industry: How to optimize your productivity, with Sage X3.
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Manufacturing has been one of the oldest and an ever growing Industry, starting from manufacturing the food we eat to the humongous megastructure all over the world, it’s a term that is used in every nook and corner around the world. Though many manufacturing industry prefer sticking to their traditional planning methods, but sometimes this methods can get tedious and time consuming therefore use of an ERP software for manufacturing Industry can come handy. A Manufacturing ERP software can ease up various manufacturing processes by breaking down your business into several stages and helping you throughout each and every stage to get optimum output. Sage X3 is scalable ERP software that puts all the complex planning of your manufacturing process into the palm of your hands the easier way.


For any manufacturing Industry, following modules of Sage X3 can be of great utility:


  • Customer management: Every Industry needs a proper customer management software or tool to manage their customer data along with the follow-ups, invoicing, hand over with proper history to other departments. This is one of the core functions of Sage X3 whereby, data is not only organized properly but also the whole process gets streamlined.


  • Inventory Module: with Sage X3, you can track and maintain all your inventory products as per the needs and usage. For any manufacturing process, it is essential to keep a track of all the inventory with respect to the manpower as well as the deadline for finishing the product.


  • Purchase Module: Purchase Module in Sage X3 helps you manage a list of all the raw material as well as tool and equipment being purchased for the manufacturing process. It will help you identify wastages if any and you can also streamline your purchasing methods. Activities like LIFO and FIFO can be easily tracked via the Purchase Module in Sage X3.


  • Sales Module: Tracking and streamlining sales is the aim of any company. With Sage X3, this process just becomes simpler. It lets you keep a track of number of products available in the inventory and manage sales forecasting and sales tracking. As sales is proportion to production, with higher sales, production needs to be high, while at low sales, stockpiling the products may not be beneficial at all times. Thereby, keeping your productivity cost effective.


  • Finance Module: It lets you manage your expenses, follow and maintain your budget and eventually, find your earnings at the end of the manufacturing process. With auto invoicing and auto follow ups, this process becomes easier and less burden for the accounts team.

The another feature of Sage X3 that adds to its creditability to among the leading ERP software is its mobile app that lets you access and plan all your process form anywhere and any device easily. Thus give your company a taste of Sage X3 and optimize your productivity as you lower the cost of production with its proficient and prompt modules. To know more about how can Sage X3, ERP for Manufacturing help you manage your processes better, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at


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