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Top ERP Features to make your Life Easier

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Top ERP Features to make your Life Easier
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Sage ERP Add-ons are custom extensions or modules to existing Sage ERP software solutions. Add-on ERP features help to automate daily enterprise resource planning processes and boost efficiency across a galore of critical business processes. In other words, we also refer Sage Add-ons as enhancements, plugins, modifications and customization that double up the power of Sage ERP solutions.

Here is a list for some of the prominent Sage ERP add-ons that will make your life easier when it comes to efficient enterprise resource planning.

  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS): TDS or Tax Deducted at Source is a Sage 300 ERP add-on, which helps organisations to maintain and process complex TDS requirements effortlessly as well as helps to create forms and reports for TDS related processes conforming to the Central Government. The add-on automates your entire TDS calculations under various slabs with detailed reporting of the same.
  • Extended Report Pack: Another Sage 300 ERP add-on designed and created specifically to meet Indian business operations. It includes nine form formats for optimizing business reporting. Form formats include sales register, purchase register, AP invoice voucher, AP payment voucher, AP receipt voucher, AR ledger, AP ledger, GL voucher and bank voucher.
  • Document Numbering: Document numbering add-on for Sage 300 ERP is a fantastic plugin that allows to setup and auto-assigns numbers to documents pertaining to account sets, location, fiscal dates, purchase and sales, etc. The add-on makes the complex document numbering process easy and swift. Most importantly, this plugin is user-friendly and flexible allowing to setup document numbering for a range of transactions per requirements.
  • Trading Excise: One of the most admired Sage ERP add-ons that provides small and mid-sized businesses with a smooth way to key-in crucial excise details into the ERP system, file returns and maintain all the essential excise reports as mandated by the Indian Tax Authorities. The add-on further ensures for seamless integration of workflow, financial reporting, inventory tracking and other operational processes with Sage 300 ERP.
  • Statutory Form: Vendors and customers issue a range of statutory forms against their purchase and sale to receive concessional tax prices. These statutory forms include but are not limited to ‘C’ form, ‘H’ form etc. Statutory Form Sage ERP add-on allows users to track as well as maintain receipts of such forms efficiently and helps in reporting of the same.
  • 3 Way PO Matching: 3 Way PO Matching is an intuitive Sage 300 add-on, which works excellently to shun away any discrepancies in quantity receipt and purchase order. The add-on matches and verifies the invoice, receipt and purchase order.
  • Back To Back PO (Purchase Order): Back to Back PO makes sure that PO placed for items against sales order stays unique and is not used for some other sales order beside the one received in your inventory.  Simply put, it avoids duplication of purchase orders keeping every order distinct in the system. Imagine its benefits for a business that has huge volumes of inventory!
  • Auto Revise Quote: Auto Revise Quote plugin helps the users of Sage ERP 300 to create multiple copies of an existing quote minus the hassle of entering the same quote repeatedly thus, saving a great deal of time. This all can be executed prior to converting a quote to an Active Order in the system.
  • Auto Bank Reconciliation (Auto BR): Reconciling transaction and cheque numbers in Sage 300 with electronic statements furnished by your bank in csv. Format made easy with Auto BR. It is an ideal Sage ERP add-on, which works toward alleviating the cumbersome and time-consuming reconciliation and data entry processes. Auto updates for cleared cheques is another perk of having this add-on.
  • GL Drill Up: Another fantastic Sage ERP add-on from accounting perspective. The user can instantly drill down from sub-ledger transactions to GL. It paves way for a hassle-free and quick tracking of your ledger transactions.
These are top Sage ERP add-ons designed to ease off the daily challenges and complex enterprise operations faced by businesses these days. To learn more about Sage ERP add-ons and their benefits, contact Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd or write to us at
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