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What is go live in ERP?

Go live in ERP is the time at which the system becomes completely available for use. In terms of software development, go-live is the certain point at which a certain code shifts from the test environment to the production. In short, go live means making an event happen.

At the instance of the process, your new ERP system becomes formally and officially available to the users who can start initiating their transactions in the new system. In enterprise resource planning terms, it is specifically connected with the systems that manage business operations such as HCM, CRM, ERP, logistics, financial, or marketing systems. 

What is go live in ERP
What is go live in ERP

An Overview

The notion truly indicates that the system is ready to go live. A successful go-live process usually depends on the complicated factors for big companies for those who have been implementing your new ERP system. There are times when your go-live does not occur flawlessly while suffering a number of failures. It is because this concept is the most crucial milestone in the technology system implementation process. 

The process of your go-live is the combination of a number of months, weeks, and even years of preparation, execution, project, planning, monitoring, and controls that involves internal and external stakeholders of a company. But slight negligence of the go-live process may cost organizations a huge expense and may create a number of business problems as well. It is this reason why ERP go-live is termed as the most critical process to be carried out. 

To go live- Cloud and Standalone ERP 

Even though ERP system implementation of large-scale on-premises ERP is outdated when compared to the standards on systems and cloud-based systems the go-live process is still the important element. In order to avoid any kind of failure, an ERP go-live for little implementation will also require best-in-class project management that will ensure success for the business.

However, these factors are required to generate a go-live session that should include a strong business case along with expert business leadership, deep change management analysis, and training, critical testing, comprehensive rural plans, and respective plans for attending details such as accessing accurate data. 

What is go live in ERP?

Points to remember before going live with the new System

The deployment of a new business management system might involve critical changes. There might be some slide interruptions with very minor fixes as well as amendments brought to the system but users should get used to the new interface and process. Also planning for any kinds of delays and then providing high-level time for training should be the priority during the implementation of a new ERP system. 

However, it is very important to get time when the implementation of the system is in front of every worker. Also, the resources that are involved in the project should also be available and should get enough type to complete the particular tasks. The deployment of go-live processes in an ERP system is a completely user-intensive process. Hence communicating with a change management professional might be a better idea to proceed. 

Develop a plan for after go-live process

It is very important to understand how you can build a sturdy strategy to avoid problems after the go-live process while ensuring huge profits for your organization with the new ERP software. However, to resolve this issue you should think about the process before and while your ERP implementation is going on. The crucial time span after a go-live session should have detailed planning. This planning should include identifying potential problems, restrictions, or any kind of risks you have been taking. 

You can also plan various ways to develop and faster user adoption. You can create quantitative goals that can measure the success of the implementation of the ERP system once it goes live. Moreover, you can also set up advanced strategies for the upcoming problems as well as successes. 

Get expert advice 

Undoubtedly, the ERP system of your business is at the core of the daily operations as well as ongoing success measures. However, your implementation partner is also the most important part that can avoid common issues after the go-live process.

You should take advice from the expert that can help your organization with everything right from selecting the right ERP system to its implementation and long-lasting support. You can also create a study ERP roadmap with the experts as per the organizational needs.