The best ERP solution for Real Estate

Real Estate is among the top industry in India, owing to the enormous population and startup boom, pace it up with Sage ERP solutions

Sage ERP Solution for Real Estate

Real Estate is among the major industries in the country, for its demand for residential and commercial buildings. Real Estate involves substantial expenditure and volatile market conditions, businesses involved in this industry are destined to endure from a streak of diverse challenges such as dynamic pricing system, regulatory compliance, unorganized cash flow, sub-standard project planning and project budgeting.


Nevertheless, Sage software solutions is a top-notch name in providing ERP for Real Estate. Sage ERP can simplify the complex processes and manage regulations with ease, promoting better visibility. Further, commercial real estate firms require targeted and industry-centric ERP solutions for operating property based inventory tracking of corporate offices, industrial plots/offices, residential properties, retail estates and office premises, which .


Sage ERP real estate software bestows the following features:


Know your inventory

• Seamless and efficient inventory management

• Accurate property tracking and management

• Smart handling of properties


Keep expenditure on track

• Account and finance

• Sales and taxation

• Better cash flow visibility


An Intelligent business management tool

• Real-time reporting and analytics

• Keep a track of market prices and requirements

• Compliance, lease and safety management


Broker management:

• Allot available properties to brokers

• Manage online advertisements and listings

• Precise sales pipeline and lead tracking

• Commission management and brokerage


Quick benefits

• Minimal expenditure

• Quicker process management

• 24x7 Data accessibility

• Customer service and satisfaction

• Third party integration

• Cloud storage


Thus, Sage ERP for Real Estate is the ultimate solutions for all your industry problems that has been dragging you behind your rivals.  Add Sage CRM to your Real Estate business and relax as it lifts you up the success charts.

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