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Sage ERP solutions in kochi (Cochin)

Kochi is the commercial centre of Kerala, wherein the availability of basic facilities like electricity, fresh resources, work force, and major port accelerated the growth of the city, further making it a major business hub in South India. Kochi is a major sector for businesses such as manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, transportation, seafood and spices, etc. that has built Kochi as one of the fastest and strongest economy in the nation.


Sage ERP solution is an advanced business management software that ensures your business stays ahead of time and market, to give you a leading edge against all your rivals while expenditure under control. Sage software solutions is globally renowned name in ERP, providing its leading ERP services in Kochi, with a smart and intuitive solution to all your business hassles and adding agility to your business processes.


Kochi is a major hub for varied industry, for which Sage ERP providers in Kochi provide easy to use and customisable Modules such as:


Finance Module: Manage all your credit and debits, purchase, GST etc. with the unerring Finance module in Sage ERP solution, thereby reducing expenditure and providing quicker ROI.

HR module: track employee attendance and performance, process payrolls and manage compliances etc. at go with simplistic HR module, saving your HR the nominal tasks and assisting them to help you better.


SCM and Inventory Module: keep a record of your inventory available stocks and products, batch numbers as well as timely and IoT backed supply chain for an excellent customer service, helping you build loyal customers.


Sale Module: the business intelligence and market analytics of Sage ERP lets you forecast sales, minimalizing wastage and enhancing your sales performance. It can also generate sales pipeline to help you plan and schedule your sales and marketing strategies.


To add more to it, Sage ERP solutions in Kochi comes up with following cool features:

• Cloud backed mobility

• 24x7 accessibility

• Easy to use

• Unerring process management

• Multi-channel Integration

• Safe and secure data storage


Thus, when it comes to precise and timely process management, Sage ERP software solutions is the best in class companion for your business in Kochi. Reduce your excessive expenditure and wastage while you manage your workstations, finance, employee and customers efficiently and climb up the success charts, as you add the power of Sage ERP in your system.

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