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Industry Solutions

Our intuitive & smartly integrated business solutions meant to support a gamut of industries


Packaging Industry
Pharma Trading
Supply Chain Management
Trading & Distribution
Retail ERP
Retail ERP

Discrete Manufacturing

Auto Ancillary
Auto Components
Filter Manufacturing
Medical Devices
Wood Industry
Automotive ERP
Manufacturing CRM
Aluminium & Metal Sheets
Manufacturing ERP
Furniture ERP
Project & Engineering

Process Manufacturing

Cement Industry
Construction ERP
Food & Beverage Industry
Plastic Industry
Chemical Industry
Oil & Gas Industry
Alcohol and Distilleries Industry
Construction CRM
Wine Industry
API/Pharma Manufacturing

ERP for Services

Hospitality ERP
Healthcare ERP
Real Estate ERP
Media & Advertising
ERP for Service Industry
ERP for Financial Services
Banking ERP
Ecommerce ERP

CRM for Services

Banking CRM
Ecommerce CRM
CRM for Financial Services
Healthcare CRM
Hospitality CRM
Real Estate CRM
Wealth Management
CRM for Service Industry


Industrial Automation
Apparel & Garment Industry

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