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Why ERP is Good for Apparel Industry?

erp for apparel industry
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ERP for Apparel Industry

Apparel is among the largest Industries in India. With a very high penetration level, the value of the market is expected to grow 6 times from 27B USD to 220B USD by 2020. Apparel Industry is such a wide industry that it encompasses a whole lot of functions like manufacturing / procurement, distributing / retailing.

What is unique to this industry is that the item produced has to be made in different sizes, styles and colors. Apart from Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management, apparel retailers and manufactures have to look after the Grid Inventory System which looks after the style, size and color of an item.

A Quick Round-up Of Apparel Industry Challenges

  • Incompetent delivery of products
  • Difficulty in manually aligning warehouse operations
  • Increased expense of reverse logistics
  • Problem in streamlining customized order allocation

Apparel Industry Challenges Explained


It is critical for every business growth to have reduced costs and it is one of the critical business challenges in the apparel industry.

With Sage X3 apparel ERP, your apparel business would need less warehouse space through efficient planning. Also, it can minimize operational costs while delivering enhanced business process management.

Apparel Product data management

The apparel industry has the toughest product environments among the rest industries since fashion styles, trends, colors, sizes are constantly changing. It becomes difficult to constantly update software databases with all real time data each time.

Sage X3 will keenly address these major concerns through automation and user interactive product load module. This assists businesses to fluently manage all styles along with the items having varied features, colors, sizes, cost, and much more.

Customer Relationship Management

Maintaining a stronger customer base is quintessential for every business. Satisfied customers remain loyal while keeping your business high.

Sage X3 is the ingenious ERP system that helps you build simple order management right from the beginning till the end through a single database.

How Sage X3 Will Solve Above Mentioned Challenges?

Complexity Management

Sage X3 enterprise resource planning ERP software for apparel industry assists businesses industry to streamline production as well as business specifications. The software is distinctively designed to handle keen details of inventory products, purchase & campaign management, business structure, price, and more.

Customer RMA ( Return Material Authorization)

Whenever you enter an RMA of a customer, you can enter return quantities which can further be used for single RMAs or to the ones that are linked to sales orders. After the return quantities are entered, the RMA screen would be automatically populated.

Simple Ordering & Return Processing

In the apparel sector, especially in the retail department, order and return processes on a daily basis are very common. Hence, it is very crucial for apparel businesses to deploy effective tracking systems that can handle all these processes in a simple way.

Flawless receipt generation and payments

Sage X3, the best software for apparel, helps eliminate manual interference of invoice generation and accuracy in bearing process. The solution comes with a fully integrated accounting system that assists flexible payment options for the customers so that they can pay their bills

Forecasting through Data Analytics

Analyzing the future purchase trends and making decisions based on it, is the most critical thing for any apparel business to succeed in the market. Sage X3 ERP software will help your business leverage the data stored in the system so that you can apply data analytics while understanding and predicting future customer demands

Department-wise cooperation

Sage X3 for the apparel industry offers a number of functionalities and the primary benefit of this integrated platform is that it helps team members from all departments to stay on the same page. They can make data entry, edit, transfer, or access data in a very flawless way through a centralized database.

Get the Outstanding ERP Software for Apparel Industry from Us…

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