Wearable technology, cloud ERP

Wearable technology and the future of Cloud ERP

Initiating the use of wearable technology at the place of work can work wonders for organizations across various industries. Use of wearable technology can help in a symbiotic relation between the company and the workforce where in the technology can help the employer to zero in on the finest resource for a particular task. It can also help the employee by providing data that will enable him to work in a customised environment, thereby opening up more possibilities in his CV. According to a recent study on the internet, wearable technology has helped in improving the productivity of the workforce by 8.5% and employee job satisfaction by 3.5%.


Integrating Wearable Technology and ERP


Integrating wearable technology with ERP has multiple benefits. In workplaces, where employees are required to be hands free for safety and security concerns, real time information can be transmitted using this integration. For instance, employees of a manufacturing unit can see real time data and operations from the shop floor and take decisions on data to be sent to the managers.

While some may consider wearable technology to disturb and disrupt the effective functioning of ERP, experts feel this is not the case.  In today’s scenario when most companies are still unclear about opting for cloud-based ERP solutions in contrast to the traditional on premise ERP solutions, the benefits that will be singled out by the wearable technologies will definitely inspire companies to opt for cloud based ERP as soon as possible.

A case in point is that in manufacturing industry, wearable technology with ERP minimises error by keeping track of shipments. With live data streamed to employees, duplication of processes is avoided. It can also transmit data to servers to inform top management about inventory alteration. Additionally, cloud-based ERP clubbed with wearable technology enables faster decision making, permitting the top management to buy necessary materials in quick time in a one touch process on a portable device.

Organizations in industries including manufacturing, logistics, health care, oil and gas, etc. are showing their inclination to adopt wearable tech that will reduce gaps of functioning with time. They are envisaged as exceptional tools in many verticals. Wearable technologies that are embedded in wristbands, eye glasses and hand gloves, etc. are a fine fit for many different applications even when many companies worldwide are still not comfortable with wearable technology. The hazards associated with wearable devices include nausea, disorientation and headaches while wearing the device and performing an assignment. Owing to this, companies are reluctant to adopt it.

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