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ERP for the Semiconductor Industry

ERP for Semiconductor industry is a comprehensive system designed to efficiently manage all business functions within the semiconductor sector.

Overview of the Semiconductor Industry in India

The semiconductor industry is an integral part of the electronics industry. The industry is involved in the making of semiconductor chips or microchips. Hence, it deals with designing, manufacturing, and distributing integrated circuits (ICs). Semiconducting materials such as silicon are used to make these chips.

According to Invest India, the semiconductor market is valued at approximately $23.2 Billion. By 2028, the numbers are projected to reach $80.3 Billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.10% during the forecast period.

Semiconductors are used in a wide range of products such as smartphones, cars, medical equipment, television etc. In addition, the semiconductor industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors and is crucial for the global economy. Technological innovation, intense competition and high levels of research and development are the characteristics of this industry.

What is ERP for Semiconductor Industry?

Semiconductor ERP is an advanced and integrated business management solution uniquely designed to meet the operational requirements of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

ERP system for semiconductor industry is the right technology to streamline business processes such as supply chain management, production planning, quality control, inventory management, financial oversight, compliance management, and customer relationship management to improve efficiency, lower costs and boost the business’s overall performance.

What are the Challenges of Semiconductor ERP?

The semiconductor industry requires continuous innovation and the demand for more powerful chips keeps on growing. Let us look at some of the challenges of the semiconductor companies:


Data Governance

Data is crucial for this industry as it generates volumes of data including product specifications, manufacturing instructions, test results, and process parameters. Without the use of the right technology, managing information is going to be complex. This will lead to inaccuracies and errors.

Inefficient Supply Chain Management

The supply chain function is an integral part of the semiconductor business. The system has a vortex of suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics providers. These networks are responsible for delivering raw materials and products on time. For the efficient function of the semiconductor business, proficient supply chain management tools are essential.


Incompetent Processes

The semiconductor industry has many stages and processes. Without the right system in place, managing these complex functions can result in bottlenecks, redundant work and zero visibility of processes.

Lack of Visibility

If the business lacks proper ERP, it is going to suffer as there will be insufficient visibility into its operations, which include production capacity, inventory levels, and order status. It will impact decision-making and will fail to respond quickly to supply or demand.


Limitations to Scale

Semiconductor companies without ERP software find it hard to expand. Managing growth is hard without the right ERP. It can limit the productivity and efficiency of the semiconductor company.

Lack of Robust Semiconductor Ecosystem

India faces challenges in establishing semiconductor wafer fabrication (FAB) units due to a less strong support system and limited resources compared to more competitive countries like China and Vietnam.


Features of Semiconductor ERP

Enumerated below are some of the key features of ERP system for semiconductor industry:

Product Lifecycle Management
Product lifecycle management in ERP for semiconductor industry is useful for managing every stage of the production process. This feature can manage the entire lifecycle of the product from design and development to production and till its end. Some of its features are engineering change orders, product configuration management, product data management and many more.

Supply Chain ManagementAll the functions from procurement to delivery are seamlessly managed by ERP for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Some of the features of this module include purchase order management, inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and logistics management.

Manufacturing Execution System(MES)ERP for electronics manufacturing streamlines and optimizes the production journey, ensuring seamless coordination from raw materials to finished products. It offers comprehensive features such as supply chain management, inventory tracking, and real-time monitoring, empowering semiconductor manufacturers to achieve operational excellence and meet market demands efficiently.

Quality Management System(QMS)ERP for semiconductor manufacturing industry has a QMS feature which ensures that the business meets quality standards during the production process. The features of ERP can smoothly manage corrective and preventive actions, non-conformance management, and document management.

Inventory ManagementInventory levels can be monitored and managed with this feature. It also helps in tracking the movement of materials within the company. The inventory module in ERP has the ability to expertly track inventory in real time, reorder point settings, and manage stock levels.

Regulatory ComplianceERP for semiconductor manufacturers ensures that the product meets all the regulatory requirements. It helps in tracking the latest compliance regulations and makes sure that the documents comply with the specified requirements.

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Key Benefits of ERP for the Semiconductor Industry

Take a look at some of the advantages of using ERP for semiconductor manufacturing industry:

Boosts Efficiency

ERP for semiconductor industry automates all the repetitive tasks which reduces the hassle of manual data entry. It also provides real-time insights which will be beneficial to make the right decisions for the company. This will result in rapid production time and lower lead times.

Improved Supply Chain System

Semiconductor ERP has tools and functionalities which track and monitor each stage of the supply chain system. It helps in managing suppliers and inbound logistics. This will aid in better management of the inventory which will reduce the delivery time.

Standard Product Quality

ERP for semiconductor industry has tools and functionalities which can ensure that the product follows all the quality and compliance standards. It can easily manage product attributes, specifications and test results. This will help in identifying issues earlier and help in rectifying them on time.

Enhanced Data Management

ERP for semiconductor manufacturers has a secure repository to store volumes of data. It is an integrated system where all the users can access data. This improves collaboration across the departments. In addition, the stored data includes production data, including product data, manufacturing instructions, test results, and process parameters.

Precise Financial Management

ERP for semiconductor industry has well-designed tools to efficiently manage the cash flow, track expenses and generate reports. This will benefit the semiconductor companies to lower costs, reduce errors and boost profitability.

Better Customer Service

Customer orders, track delivery times and respond quickly to customer inquiries are some of the features ERP offers for semiconductor companies. This will help in providing personalized experience to the customer which will improve their loyalty towards the brand.

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Fabless semiconductors depend on ERP for numerous requirements. ERPs can manage their operations efficiently, boost production and increase profit.

1. Product Development Management: Monitors every step of the manufacturing process with enhanced tools. ERP help track design revisions and manage engineering change orders (ECOs) for smooth product development.

2. Supply Chain Operations: Fabless semiconductor companies leverage ERP to track and monitor every step of the supply chain system.

3. Manufacturing Operations: All manufacturing operations, encompassing production planning, scheduling, quality control, and testing for fabless semiconductor companies can be seamlessly managed by ERP.

4. Financial Operations: Budgeting, forecasting, accounting and reporting can be proficiently managed by semiconductor ERP.

5. Business Intelligence and Analytics: BI tools and analytics help in insightful decision-making for the fabless semiconductor business.

Of course, it’s a Yes. ERPs can be customised to fulfil the requirements of the semiconductor business. If the customization is too much, it will add many complexities and increase the cost of the implementation process. Always consider and plan well for the level of customization required for your semiconductor business.

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