Sage ERP for Cement Industry

Sage ERP, the ideal business management solution for your Cement Industry

Sage ERP for Cement Industry

India is among the top 3 producers of cement around the globe, contributing a substantial amount to the country’s economy. Moreover, it is a base necessity for building Infrastructures, roadways, residential as well as commercial buildings, etc. thus, enhancing countries development and adding up to its overall GDP.


However, India is a developing country and thus cement industry is always on its toe to suffice the ever-increase demand in the country.


 With such responsibility in hand, a skilful management and timely delivery is also pivotal. That is where Sage Software Solutions, a leading provider of ERP services can help you. Sage ERP is a partly cloud based ERP software, which is masterfully designed to simplify, plan and assist all your business processes.


Let us have a glimpse of some its amazing features.


Get Smart with Business Intelligence:  Analytics and Report generation with Sage ERP services for Cement industry can boost up ahead all your rivals

• Forecast Market Requirements

• Plan your course of action ahead of time

• Manage your inventory

• Reduce Wastage


Finance and Accounts Management:  Finance is an essential resource that determines the fate of the industry; And Sage ERP can manage it with an added proficiency.

• Keep a check on your expenditure

• Generate Precise Sales Pipeline

• Record all your credits and debits

• Manage Regulatory compliances


Optimize Manufacturing Process: the quality of cement is a crucial factor that has fate of the whole country dependent upon, thus optimize your manufacturing process while maintaining the quality standards.

• Strategize processes for optimal output

• Assign and schedule your workstations

• Predefine quality standards


Enhance sales performance:  Manage your marketing campaigns, DRP and transparency with your distributors, thereby enhancing your sales performance.

• Manage your Marketing campaigns

• Collaborate with your distributors

• Maintain a record of customers future requirements

• Just in time & IOT backed SCM


Quick Benefit:

• Reduce time Consumption

• Safe and reliable data storage

• 24x7 data accessibility

• Easy to use UI

• Precise report generation

• Payroll Management


Thus, Sage ERP solutions (Sage 300 and Sage X3) are the one stop solution for all the complexity in the enormous cement industry, which can add concrete strength to your business management, assuring you never fall of the success track.  

ERP Solution for cement Industry

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