ERP for Food Packaging Industry

ERP for Food Packaging Industry

It is very essential for every individual’s safety that the food they consume is hygienic and well packaged to keep the food fresh for long. This is where the Packaging Industry plays a major role. The key role of a packaging company is to manufacture packaging materials and hygiene solutions that increases or almost doubles the shelf life of the product. This not only helps in improving food safety and thereby reduce food wastage, but also, facilitate in developing a positive branding of the product and the company. Reducing food wastage is very crucial for any food industry to grow and prosper.

A Packaging Industry has their own challenges such as Inventory Management, maintain and tracking the raw materials required to manufacture the packaging materials and derive at their actual cost. By having a single ERP for Food Packaging Industry, the company that can track the details of the Bill of Material, the actual consumption and the finished product costing, a company can improve its productivity, streamline its operations. The corporate competitive environment is rapidly increasing and hence it is very crucial that a packaging company chooses a correct ERP solution software to fulfil all its requirements.

A well designed ERP system can help integrate all aspects of the organisation thereby increasing productivity and profitability. Sage 300 ERP, from Sage Software Solutions is the best ERP for Food Packaging Industry. It enables to handle the below mentioned activities within the system and generates the required reports.

  • Track the Raw Materials actual consumption. The raw materials may have been procured or in ‘x’ unit of measure say rolls but it is consumed in some other unit of measure ‘y’ say metres. Sage 300 ERP for Packaging Industry has the provision to define this converting unit of measure.
  • Stock details for each item can be viewed both summary and detail wise
  • Various MIS reports can be prepared using the Financial Reporter tool of Sage 300 ERP
  • The Business Intelligence report can be used to view the dashboard, sales, Inventory, purchase and any more such crucial reports.
  • There is a provision to define multiple level Bills of material
  • The administrative activities get centralised and controlled by the authorized person of the organization.


Benefits of Sage 300 ERP for Food Packaging industry:


  • Effective Inventory Tracking: Maintains the accurate stock level details in the system and hence enables the organisation to provide timely response to the customers.
  • Increases Productivity: Stores all the detail in one central place hence, the user gets all the required information in adequate time.
  • Real Time Data Sharing: An organisation can provide the real-time information to their customers from the ERP system.
  • Tracks the Production Cost: Tracks the production cost during the stage of manufacturing
  • Increased Information Quality: It provides quality information which is very accurate.
  • Improve On Time Delivery: The Organisation can deliver the products on time because of the other reduced manual work heads which will streamline their business processes and enable faster decision making
  • Real time access from multiple sites: The packaging industry generally has various sites from where different people operate such as warehouses at various location. With an integrated ERP, all the users have real time access to the data.
  • Better customer satisfaction: It increases the interaction with the customers and the suppliers hence satisfying the customers


With Sage 300 ERP’s proven capabilities, a Food Packaging Industry can not only have all its processes under one roof, but also have a single view and business intelligence at fingertips. To get a free demo for the product, write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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