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ERP for Wood Industry

ERP for Wood Industry
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Thousands of years ago, man first realized the value of wood and found its use for various purposes such as fuel, for construction, making utensils etc. Since then, the usage of wood has grown up enormously, giving rise to various wood based industries. From big corporates to small scale industries, everyone are in constant demand for wood, and thus the wood Industries are always on their toes to provide a fine quality of wood while meeting the requirements of their clients. Moreover, these woods need to go through various process, as in from log barking to trimming and polishing the finished products, hence, there is a whole lot of process that needs to be done on the wood, before it can be sent further. Going further, this blog is about hoe implementing ERP for wood industry will be beneficial for you.

Now, overviewing the basic tasks of a wood Industry:

  • Getting different types of quality wood logs
  • Processing the woods as per customer request
  • Preparing the woods for the distribution
  • Managing the customers

It is easier said than done; the above-mentioned tasks can be further elaborated into more complex processes that are widely spread throughout the industry. However, the use of an ERP software can ease up the work, optimize your productivity and organize the process smoothly.


Benefits of ERP for Wood Industry:

  • Managing all your purchase, with proper budget management.
  • Creating the price list & wood catalogues, for the customer referral.
  • Controlling all your business activities, managing dates and generating reports, to plan and strategize your tasks.
  • Its flexible modules provide the ability to handle the changes as per the requirements.
  • Easy to use in terms of designing, handling all modules, and getting status report for productivity.
  • Low Setup cost which provides improved accountability & meet up the set goals.
  • Reduce the administrative overhead and an unerring database
  • The accuracy of real-time inventory management to manage the resources required
  • Monitoring the process, and scheduling distributions accordingly.
  • Automated process, efficient working and enhanced productivity

Thus, an ERP for wood industry software like Sage 300 ERP solutions can help the wood industry, right from purchasing the raw material, to the distribution process of the final product. Managing and helping you plan throughout your complex process, enhancing your process and boosting productivity at the same time.

Like any other manufacturing industries, even wood needs to be stored, tracked and sold. An ERP for wood industry will help the management not only get visibility on the processes, but also the whole company at a glance. From sales to invoicing and inventory tracking can be done from a single software – anywhere, anytime and from any device.

To know more about how Sage ERP for wood industry, contact us here, you can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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