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How Publishing Industry can solve its Biggest Problems with ERP?

How Publishing Industry can solve its Biggest Problems with ERP?
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An ERP for publishing company takes care of sourcing content, designing, printing/publishing and distribution of publications namely magazines, books, newspapers, directories, etc. The publication can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly basis.

The processes involved are delicate and intricate in nature. For instance, a problem in one process can have a domino effect on all the subsequent processes thus, taking the business for a toss. To keep the wheel running smoothly, management needs to adopt new technology and tools that will act as a catalyst in the growth of the company.


Here’s how enterprise technology can address various painpoints for a printing business.


To manage day-to-day tasks in an efficient and streamlined way, all the departments of a publishing company need to be on the same page with control over all processes and optimum data visibility. Sage 300cloud ERP for publishing company can manage most of the difficulties and operations in the publishing industry, all from a single portal.


Subscription is an important revenue generator for any publishing company apart from ad revenue. Managing subscriptions, sending reminders for renewals and managing the list are undoubtedly top priorities for a company operating in publishing sector. Sage 300 makes it easier for the company to do away with manual entries and spreadsheets with a smart record keeping method combined with the flexibility to send out regular communications for renewals, offers or new products.


Additional Benefits of ERP for Publishing Industries:
  1. Sage 300cloud helps to optimise business processes to give you tangible improvements in overall business operations.
  2. Efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) and good control over inventory.
  3. Reduces manual work of data entry and minimizes errors created during manual entries.
  4. Accuracy and effectiveness of data increases, which indirectly improves the decision-making process.
  5. Efficiency in the Production Cycle Management including capacity observation, planning raw material obtaining, etc.
  6. Comprehensive inventory tracking and management whilst managing the warehouse stock on the go.
  7. The inventory module in Sage 300cloud helps to improve materials planning and maintains accurate records of previous sales, quality in hand and back order quantity etc.
  8. Improves material quality by taking care of compliances, inspection and analysis system.
  9. Offers accurate, region wise and timely forecasts for products.


To learn more about how Sage 300cloud can help your publishing business operate in a smooth and efficient way write to us at for a free demo or consultation.


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