ERP for food and beverage Industry

India is the 6th largest food & Beverage Industry over the globe, Sage ERP can just make it better.

ERP for Food and Beverages

For a country with a vast population and growing needs, the food and beverage industry in India shoulder a major responsibility of fulfilling one of the basic needs for survivals well as enhancing economy with its natural and packaged food products. A general Food & Beverage industry consists of producing and growing food products, processing and packaging them, and finally distribution, which has become a tedious task with growing demands.

However, Sage ERP, a partly cloud based ERP software is smartly designed business management tool that can proficiently take over the complex task, minimalize wastage and provide better ROI. To add more to it, the ease of use and accessibility of Sage X3 and Sage 300 has made it amongst the leading ERP service providers in India

Let us see some the cool features of Sage ERP for Food and Beverage Industry


Track it all:

Food and beverage business is dependent on season, market competition and trends, but keep a track on everything, with precision of Sage ERP

• Track your competitors

• Keep a check on weather conditions

• Analyse Market trends and requirements


Never break a rule:

Proficient Compliance and Quality management, with Sage ERP your smart compliance manager

• Predefine and compare quality standards with ISO and Six Sigma

• Swiftly escalate food safety issues, if any

• Record batch details and where it has been dispatched for prompt recall.

• Schedule and maintain record of Batch testing.

• Manage audits, digital signatures and many more.


Get Smart with Process Management

Sage ERP adds smart to your process planning, by providing analytical data and automating your work progress with ease.

• Precise and Data driven sales forecasting

• Analyse and execute best suitable process

• Schedule all your workstation


Get Efficient DRP

Once the packaging is done, it is necessary the products be distributed systematically, to reduce wastage, which appears to be a cakewalk for Sage ERP software solutions

• Effective Stock and Inventory Management

• Good-bye to wastage due to expiry, with smart distribution planning

• Cautious and just in time deliveries

• Traceable and Transparent SCM


Quick benefits

• Finance, HR, Resource Management modules

• Reduce wastage and expenditure

• Controlled and swift process management

• Enhanced production rate

• Smart customer care

• Multi-channel integration

• 24x7 Cloud accessibility

• Easy and customisable UI


Sage ERP for food and beverage industry is the ultimate support system, which can help your industry grow, and climb the success ladder swiftly and seamlessly. From production to distribution, Sage ERP can provide its well analysed and data backed assistance to help your Food and Beverage Industry.

ERP for Food and Beverage

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