Sage ERP Software for Wood Industry

India is the 2nd largest producer of wood, keep the pace going with Sage ERP Software

Sage ERP for Wood Industry

Wood Industry has been among the most prominent industry around the globe, as far as history can go back. Even today, many industries such as furniture, paper, craftsmen, toys, etc. are in constant need for wood. However, the wood (to be used) has to go through various processes and furnished before it can be delivered to its end user.


Sage ERP solutions for wood industry is carefully designed to provide a seamless assistance in managing your business processes with ease. Its scalability and customisation can help your business at different stages of development, while the proficient modules and precise data mining can only ensure a smooth process flow and enhance sales.


Let us see some of its amazing features


Process Management:  The wood industry consist of various processes, which are need to be coordinated for better results

• Schedule your processes

• Keep a track of harvests and climatic conditions

• Stay updated with new processes and trends

• Safety standards and measurements management


Inventory Management: Wood warehousing refers to large stocks, of varied wood quality and proportion, manage them easily with Sage ERP services

• Keep a track of your inventory

• Manage your stock

• Segregate your by-products (wood chips, oils, pulp)

• Waste Management


Smart Supply chain: suppling is a major task in wood industry, however, Sage ERP integrated with IOT can make the task appear to be a cake walk

• Careful distribution planning of large stocks

• Efficient in-house supply chain for optimal output

• Safe and secure procurement, bill payment and transactions


Sales Management: Enhance your sales cycle with Sage ERP with reliable market analysis and customer services

• Plan your quotations

• Accurate and real time sales pipeline

• Control your marketing campaigns

• Accounts management


Quick benefits

• Easy to use

• Customisable

• HR and payroll modules

• Cloud storage

• 24x7 access

• Effective customer service


To conclude with, the wood industry has been under a constant demand for quality woods and a stiff competition from its rivals, however Sage ERP implementation can not only just add proficiency to your business process but also provide a boost for a leading edge against your competitors.

ERP Solution for Wood Industry

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