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ERP for Glass Manufacturing Industry

ERP for Glass manufacturing industry
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Glass is a widely used and important element in daily needs and even in manufacturing plants. There are a wide range of glass products which are manufactured and used in industries like bottling, watch, housing, etc. Like any other Manufacturing company, even for a Glass Manufacturing company, it is important to maintain their inventory, customers, sales and operations in one place. Here, ERP for Glass Manufacturing Industry will help you in maintaining all of the processes and operations at one place.

An ERP for Glass Manufacturing industry has various important modules like Purchase management, Sales management, Inventory control, Manufacturing management, Accounting management, etc. This will help to increase the profitability & productivity of business. ERP for Glass manufacturing Industry can manage all the critical process of manufacturing, production & supply the production of glass from one system to maintain low to negligible data leakage and data duplicity.

ERP for Glass Manufacturing Industry will also maintain the supply, logistics, distribution & accounting management from one portal. Sales module is used to customize, manufacture the glass products as per the sales requirement. Sales module also helps in tracking and sales forecasting for a period of time so that the company can know which product / region is doing well and which region needs their attention. Purchase order module is used to track the purchasing order done by industry. Inventory module is used to manage, track and plan the all past & future materials in warehouse of the company. Accounting management is used to maintain the accounting, the amount that will be credited or debited at the time of transaction and also maintaining the vendor list, auto-generation of invoices and follow-up notification.

ERP for Glass Manufacturing industry also helps in maintaining all records, handling all transactions, providing real time information anytime, anywhere and on any device. Sage ERP solution can be very helpful in providing facilities planning, maintaining the updated data throughout the processing. It can also handle a better plan deliveries, finishing product manufacture within time, forecasting & advanced scheduling.

Sage ERP system is designed to manage the information such that the system simplifies the documents & provides the accurate documentation such as MS word, MS excel, PDFs etc. It can manage the accounting related information like credit debit amount into particular account, manage attachments like clients request report, forms, product design etc.


Benefits of ERP for Glass Manufacturing Industry:

  • Improve efficiency on plant and process level.
  • Customize reports which are used to verify the sales order, purchase order, inventory on hand or any accounting related information in industry.
  • Used to support communication & easily share the data within departments in the company especially between the sales and the implementation team.
  • Reduce cost & wastage due to streamlining all the processes and reducing data wastage and data duplicity.
  • Sage ERP for Glass Manufacturing will extend its capabilities to maintain the quality in process as well as high production levels.
  • Increase profitability through reporting, visibility and control.
  • Provide self-service for user specific needs that will increase user productivity
  • Improved Compliance


To know more about how Sage ERP Solutions help can your company better, write to Sage Software Solutions at for more details.


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