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Must-have ERP for Electronics Manufacturers: Be a Market Leader

ERP for Electronics Manufacturers
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ERP for Electronics Manufacturers

Electronics manufacturers are constantly baffled with the goals of cutthroat product lifecycles, enterprise-wide visibility, traceability, warranty tracking, supply-chain management and constantly evolving regulatory and statutory compliance. Adding to the list, these manufacturers also endure to meet the exploding demands for inventing innovative products whilst uplifting efficiency and maintaining superior quality.

Nevertheless, today’s cutting-edge and advanced ERP solutions work excellently to help businesses operating in the electronics manufacturers industry to address and meet all the potential challenges in a much efficient and quick way.

This article talks about few must-have ERP for electronics manufacturers. The features include but are not limited to supply chain management, automated data flow, integrated enterprise management tools and much more.

With these features embedded in ERP for electronics manufacturers, electronics manufacturers can achieve visibility and excellent insights into contract manufacturing, multi-geo operations and effective supply-chain ensuring regulatory as well as statutory compliance.

Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a prominent provider of business management solutions in India has went pass the traditional ERP solutions and has come up with a best-in-class and out-of-the-box ERP for electronic manufacturers and manufacturing companies operating in the electronics manufacturing industry enabling these companies meet their rigorous business requirements and curb delays and product recalls.

1. Features for automation

Yes, automating critical operations or processes for an electronics manufacturer is the biggest challenge that many ERP solutions fail to address. Sage ERP for manufacturing automates material billing, vendor list, orders and other core manufacturing processes to help curb errors in production and inefficiencies in data handling. This plays a great role in improving the quality of manufactured electronics.

2. Features for managing intricate supply chains

Today, it is extremely important for an electronics manufacturer to communicate in real-time through a web-based industrial manufacturing ERP software. This enables the company to share information with all its suppliers from a unified platform thus, shunning the use of fax, email, phone calls, etc., which is time-consuming and tedious. The crux here is going paperless and indulging in real-time communication through a unified ERP solution to boost visibility, operational excellence and productivity.

3. Features to track and enhance quality

Tracking of defects or flaws in the production process is necessary for electronics manufacturer as well as to track weaker areas. ERP for electronics manufacturers ought to track all the weaker areas and flaws automatically paving way for seamless and real-time data flow across the organization.

4. Features that promote lean management

It is advisable for electronics manufacturers to integrate lean tools for optimizing supply chains. Thus, ERP systems for manufacturing companies ought to help businesses attain seamless flow of data that is accurate and demand-centric. The system should automate inventory management, materials traceability, production tracking and internal communication.

5. Features for improved traceability

An industrial manufacturing ERP software must automatically track product codes and availability against the raised orders. This calls for having a feature that boosts traceability of the diverse products manufactured.

6. Features for improved visibility

Electronics manufacturers should have an ERP system that offers real-time visibility all throughout the organization. This calls for intuitive tracking of materials, costs, production processes, supply chain, machines, etc. In other words, managers and sales professionals should get instant access to all the key metrics and KPIs pertaining to production, supply, order, materials, costs, sales, etc. to help them make informed decisions and forecast better.

Last but not the least, the list for must-have ERP features for electronics manufacturing industry is never complete without a cloud model. Yes, with a partly cloud-based ERP for Electronics Manufacturers, companies straightaway save great amount of money on infrastructure, hardware, software and IT support. In fact, with a cloud-based model, businesses can enjoy ERP anytime, anywhere!

Are you thinking to take that big step? If yes, then allow us to guide you on how industrial manufacturing ERP software can uplift your electronics manufacturing business seamlessly.

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