ERP for Chemical Industries in India

Sage ERP for Chemical Industries

Chemical manufacturers globally have to adhere to strict rules and regulations when dealing with production, distribution/exporting their products. Competition among the different companies and an array of rules to be followed makes it further difficult for the companies. The right analytical tools along with the right ERP system will help companies grow, reduce costs and show profitability.

As the industry is very unique, it won’t be of much help to customise a legacy accounting system.  Specialised ERP can be said to be the backbone when it comes to wanting for an effective functioning of a chemical industry.  Paint, adhesives and chemicals – belonging to the chemical industry have to be managed properly so that they are produced in batches and are distributed properly. And for this vertical, quality control is of supreme importance as it involves keeping a tab when it comes to managing potency of a chemical, characteristics of the yield and fulfilling client specific requirements.

Complex ERP are capable of doing tasks like formula management, tracing component or ingredient, specific gravity calculations, conversion of unit of measure, potency management, expiry date control, packaging of products and certificate of analysis. And these features are in-built in the core system in case of Sage ERP. With an ERP for Chemical Industries, hazardous materials can be managed with the help of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) attachments linked with the chemical inventory software.

Sage ERP for Chemical Industries handles the entire process across various functions including production in manufacturing floor, storage at the warehouse, accounts, sales and marketing and customer relationship management. What more, it also follows the First in First out (FIFO) method to handle perishable stuff and advanced lot picking in case of early bulk orders. This ensures growth for the company, in line with the regulations.

Implementing ERP for chemical industries has multiple benefits. This will result in increase in operational efficiency that will result in expanded business visibility resulting in more customer engagement and better customer relationship. An effective ERP for the chemical industry will ensure streamline production, keep a check on accounts and manage expenses related to the company and work towards zero error policy. Additionally, it will provide a complete view of the business and citing trends that will help in better decision making and future planning. ERP is also beneficial for companies looking at expansion as it has a global reach and because of the transparency of the system the inventory is noticeable, can be easily distributed and that translates to content customers.

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