Sage ERP: An efficient resource planner for your Chemical Industry

India is the 6th largest producer of chemicals across the globe, Sage ERP can only make it better

Sage ERP Solution for Chemical industry

Chemical Industry in India is among the largest producers of chemicals around the globe, contributing a substantial share to the country’s economy. From basic day-to-day consumer products to speciality chemicals, these chemicals are in need of processes, which are mostly complicated and hazardous in nature. Thus, it is necessary that all the processes be managed cautiously.


Sage Software (P) ltd is the prime provider of business management tools like CRM and ERP in India. Sage ERP for chemical industry is an end-to-end solution that can help you lift up your business from the very beginning and keep you paced up throughout your journey. Furthermore, this partly cloud based ERP solution can provide its assistance anywhere, as and when on demand.


Let us have a look at some of the salient features of Sage ERP for Chemical Industry


Safety and Regulation Management: streamline all your processes with Sage ERP and cut off any chances of mishap, which may put you off success ladder

• Plan smartly, thereby, minimizing the occurrence of any mishaps.

• Inculcate safe process management

• Predefine quality standards

• Manage government regulations


Seamless R&D: stay updated and ahead of all your business rivals with smart ERP solution

• Track and record all your research

• Keep a tab on global developments

• Stay updated with recent up steps in technology

• Precise report generation


Warehouse Management:  When it comes to reliability, you can put your best bet on proficiency of Sage ERP in planning and handling your inventory

• Safe and Secure warehousing

• Strategic and well-segregated stock management

• Optimal MRP

• Plan and execute stock clearance strategies


Reliable SCM:  Sage ERP ensures a traceable and fool proof distribution planning for all your products

• Trace your distribution

• Track all your batch records

• Safe supply within and outside the factory


Quick benefits

• Minimize expenditure

• Waste Management

• Agile manufacturing process

• Enhance production

• Client portals

• Third party integration

• Cloud accessibility


Thus, give your Chemical Industry the reliability and power of Sage ERP, to enhance its productivity while keeping up with safety and quality as well as a cautious approach towards warehouse management and distribution planning, thereby enhancing sales performance in the long run.

ERP Solution for chemical Industry

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